Jun 22, 2017
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Zara D in Mischievous

Don't let the cute smile fool you – Zara D could start trouble in an empty room. "True," says the tattooed hottie, twirling a lock of her black hair. "If I get bored, I'll find ways to amuse myself, no matter what. Like the time I hid in a hotel closet to surprise my girlfriend." Her beautiful breasts quiver as she giggles at the memory. "I handcuffed myself to the clothes rail and brought a load of shelves crashing down – and the key fell with them. Luckily, my girlfriend showed up before I had to scream for help, then the manager arrived to investigate the noise. He didn't need to ask me what I'd been doing in there – my naked ass and the big, cream-covered dildo I was holding told him all he needed to know…"

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