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Tracy Bie

Age Debut: 23


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Nonsense 1 year ago

Tracy, you rock my world. New Sensations has gotta be the best, earth-shaking O I've seen on this site - and I haven't even watched Paradise yet. O happy day.


Gerry 1 year ago

Tracy is absolutely gorgeous, but also a very classy lady -- great to see her here!


Mimi17 1 year ago

We need more films with her. She's sexy as hell..and super erotic..esp with her whip..:))


beetle 1 year ago

Incredible. Beautiful face, hot erotic body. The butt is extra-class. Tracy Bie is simply genius.
I could lick her from head to little toes. At most I want to lick her out in the mid of her body. An absolutely appetizing girl.