Self Arousal 1

Oct 25, 2018
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Teressa in Self Arousal 1

When it comes to getting off, gorgeous Teresse Bizzarre is a fan of the classics. "I like to dress for sex, even when it's solo," she muses. "Spike-heeled boots, stockings…" She clips a tan pair to her vintage-style garter belt. She leaves her perfect breasts bare, then cups and strokes her globes, pinching and tugging on her nipples. "Sometimes I'll wear panties or a thong," she adds, "but that's usually a waste of time." Her hands immediately trail down to her shaved pussy, one splaying her moist pink as the other teases her swollen clit. We like her outfit – it has a Domme vibe. She flashes a cute, gap-toothed smile. "<em>This</em> is my Domme vibe," she says, showing off a sleek black sex toy with rabbit-ear ticklers. Looks kinda hi-tech for her tastes? "Vibrators are not a new invention," she says. "Also, it's about how you use it." She slides it in her juiced-up snatch and pumps it hard. "A girlfriend bought me a smart vibe. It's meant to 'learn' what makes you cum as you use it. I tried it for a couple weeks, but it wasn't for me. I'm the only one who knows what my pussy needs right in the moment..." She withdraws the shaft, still buzzing and glistening with her cream, and licks the length of it. "And I usually like to finish off with my fingers." She plunges three deep inside, and orgasms within seconds. "Tried and trusted. That always makes me cum..."

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