May 17, 2018
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Teressa in Restrict

Dressed in fishnet stockings and a tight-laced corset, with her beautiful breasts on show, Czech brunette Teresse Bizzarre plays with a long, thick rope. She winds it, snakelike, around her neck, limbs and body and, as she grinds a huge, rough knot against her crotch, her shaved pussy swells up with excitement. On her knees, juices flowing, she flaunts a rounded ass that's still glowing pink from where she's spanked her own cheeks, the pucker at its center tensing with excitement as her fingers find her snatch. She splays her lips wide open and sinks two digits deep inside, losing herself in pleasure. But, when she orgasms hard, waves of release rippling out from her creaming core, she can't help feeling like something's missing. She'd love someone to tie her up so she can't move, then make her cum, over and again, until she trembles and whimpers in helpless ecstasy, forced to beg for mercy…

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