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Latvia Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Tempe

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Baron44 4 months ago

The greatest combination of entertainers I have seen in a long, long while. Tempe, you are perfect from the tips of your painted toenails, to the ponytail you sported in Temptress. And what a therapeutic Goddess you are:) Even my old ticker comes to life when I view your images. And believe me, I'm too old for anything else:)
Shane, thanks for the wonderful, beautiful, sensual works you have created with Tempe. Before Koenart ever presses another shutter-button, he/she should scrutinize you work, and hopefully learn from it.
Thank you both, for your dedication to perfection. Tempe gets the Golden Oscar for her Leading Lady performances, and ditto to Shane for his lighting, backgrounds and excellent camera work.

I hope you both get together again soon, and continue this blisteringly great work you have started.


SaskGuy 1 year ago

WOW I love this lady, some videos of her would be most excellent


Delferet 1 year agoLifetime member

a real awesome girl. more of her please.


BigF 2 years ago

more and more please


beetle 2 years ago

An absolutely sexually exciting beauty.

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