Scheduled Time 1

Nov 08, 2018
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Sofia Z in Scheduled Time 1

Like many people, sexy raven-haired Sofia Z has her rituals. Morning coffee in the park, sipped while she reads the news on her favorite bench. Wearing something red for luck – today, it’s her glasses and her manicure. Pausing as she crosses a bridge to gaze into the stream… Sometimes it’s just habit, other times it’s superstition – but, back in her apartment, her customs are driven by kink. She lights red candles in front of her ornate, gilt-framed mirror and strips down to her leather skirt and thigh-high boots, revealing perfect natural breasts. Then she drips molten wax onto her stunning body, moaning as it cools and hardens on her skin. The closer she holds the candle, the more the hot wax stings, but no harm is done – and a hand inside of her white lace panties helps her to endure the sensation until all she experiences is pure pleasure. She loses her skirt and then her underwear, fingers sinking into her slippery shaved pussy, swollen and tender with excitement. As the tension builds deep inside of her, she instinctively resists – then she submits, trusting that the waves of ecstatic release pulsing from her crotch are perfectly timed. Today she cums so hard she loses control and squirts a stream of light-golden pee that splashes all over her mirror. And, as she gazes at her drenched reflection, she knows that this will be a very good day...

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