Pleasure Bound

Dec 11, 2018
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Sawa in Pleasure Bound

Say hi to Sawa, a doll-faced brunette with perfect breasts and an insatiable taste for bondage and fetishwear. "I love this so much…" she purrs, tracing the lines of her sexy, strappy harness and yanking the crotch high between her shaved pussy lips. "It makes me feel more naked than when I’m wearing nothing."

As she caresses her globes and rolls her hardening nipples between her fingers, we ask what sparked her taste for kink. "A guy I was a little obsessed with," she confesses. "Something about him unleashed my twisted side. He was a gentleman and totally vanilla, and I'd fantasize about tempting him over to the dark side, having him tie me up, spank my ass…"

She flashes a wicked grin. "I begged him one last time and promised if he said no, I’d never mention it again. He thought about it then he said in a stern voice I'd never heard from him before, ‘And you’ll submit to me completely?’ I said of course. He tied my hands behind my back with my silk scarf then flogged my bare ass cheeks with his belt. I wanted him to do it harder but he told me to be quiet or he’d stop.

"My cheeks were glowing pink when he stroked them and ‘kissed them better’. I told him to quit stalling and screw me already. He kept me in suspense so long I wished I’d kept my mouth shut, thinking he was going to deny me as a punishment. Then he thrust his cock inside of me, right down to his balls. I felt his crotch pound hard against my warm ass, then he pulled out and came all over it."

That's quite an introduction to domination. "Totally," she gasps as she stretches her snatch wide open and sinks a couple fingers inside. "And I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I want to meet a like-minded girl for some fun. Maybe a redhead who loves to play with toys…?"

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