Kinky Treat

Sep 26, 2018
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Sarika A in Kinky Treat

Sexy Latvian blonde Sarika A is on a health kick. "Actually, it's more of a health kink," she laughs, running the tails of her flogger through her fingers. "I decided to eat a more wholesome diet, so I went to a farmer’s market. This one guy had the most amazing fruits and vegetables, all organic and homegrown. As I chose some, I noticed him staring at the submissive’s bondage collar I was wearing. He dropped a couple extra carrots in my bag, no charge, and told me to juice them." She slips one hand in her red panties as the other caresses her firm, natural breasts. "I couldn’t stop thinking about him all the way home. By the time I washed the carrots, I was so wet… my panty crotch was drenched. I played with one like I was jacking it off – it was so long and thick. I got a sudden urge to stick it in my pussy but I hesitated – it felt a little too weird. Then I imagined the farmer guy ordering me to do it. I got naked and strapped on my wrist and ankle cuffs. Then I opened up my pussy with my fingers and crammed it all the way inside – I was so wet I took the entire length in one push. I screwed myself into a frenzy, like it was his cock and he was telling me to straddle him then take him inside of me doggy style. Spanking my own ass just like he would if I didn’t ride him hard enough. When I came, my juices were whipped up into a foam – the carrot was still dripping with them when I threw it in my juicer – and it was the sweetest juice I’ve ever tasted…" She shivers, as she cums around her fingers. "I can’t wait to go back to the market and tell the guy. And find out what else he’s been growing."

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