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Sara K in Cooking Up A Sweat

Cute hazel-eyed brunette Sara K is getting hot in the kitchen. She’s set to serve a feast to her friends tonight, but she just can’t help getting distracted. As the temperature hits sizzle point, she peels off her tight shorts to expose her trimmed bush, then her peachy ass gets a spanking with a spatula.

Next, she can’t resist practicing her chopstick skills, and she splays her thighs and pins her smooth pussy lips between two sets. The harder she tugs and pinches, the more slippery they become. An empty ache builds in her creaming-wet snatch and she grabs the nearest utensil to hand – a heavy meat tenderizer. Of course, her pussy is already tender and succulent, but as she slips the handle deep inside and grinds on it, she moans with pleasure.

This leaves her hands free to unfasten her straining shirt, and she bares her stunning large breasts, teasing her stiff nipples with tongs and the moist-tipped chopsticks.

At last, she finds herself in a culinary frenzy – spanking, probing and pounding herself with any kitchen tool she can get her sticky hands on. She cums once, hard and fast, then eases herself to a slower, long-drawn-out orgasm.

As she lies back on her kitchen counter, sweating all over and oozing between her thighs, she realizes she hasn’t cooked one single dish. Sighing, she searches for a takeout menu – her friends will understand. After all, they're just as horny as she is…

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