Tear It Off

Aug 30, 2018
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Sara K in Tear It Off

"Women take forever to get ready for a date" – that's just a lame cliché, right? Hot brunette Sara K confesses that, in her case at least, there's some truth behind the stereotype. "I can't help that I get excited," she explains, caressing her full, beautiful breasts and stiff nipples through her red lace bra. "And the longer I resist the urge to cum, the crazier things get when I finally give in – and I <em>always</em> give in. If I'm wearing pantyhose, I'll end up ripping through them. Maybe it's by accident at first, like I'll poke a finger through the crotch when I rub my pussy to get a little friction." She strokes her dark, trimmed bush through the thin, tightly stretched fabric then trails her fingertips over her shaved lips. "More often, it's deliberate." She demonstrates, piercing a hole directly over her tight asshole, then tears the black hose into tattered shreds. "Then I'll decide I need something more – something a little bigger and harder than my fingers to make me cum." All we can do is watch, mesmerized, as she crams mascara and lip gloss tubes inside of her snatch like twin dildos, pumping them frenziedly until she bucks and squirms to orgasm, then pulls them back out coated with thick, glistening-wet cream. "Then I don't even want to go out – though my date will usually guess as much when they see what a hot mess I've made of myself." She slips the tubes in her mouth and sucks the entire length completely clean, smacking her lips as she tastes her own cum. "Luckily, they'll also realize that staying in with me is going to be way more fun."

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