Jul 02, 2017
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Sandy E in Enticing

It's after midnight in the dungeon, but horny blonde Sandy E is wide awake and ready to play. Stripping off her deep-blue teddy she massages her big breasts, then crawls into her cage – and she's not getting out again until she cums. Slowly, her fingers tease her slit until, at last, she allows herself to slip one, then two inside. Even then she takes it slow, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm, then pulling away, testing her control. But even Sandy reaches a point where she can't – and won't – hold back and then she's cumming, shaking so hard she almost passes out. This leaves her on her knees and trembling, her shaved, wet peach of a pussy swollen up and aching for more. She's never felt more ready to welcome you to her dark world, if you'd care to join her…

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