Feb 19, 2019
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Renata Fox in Pantyhose

Sassy redhead Renata Fox is indulging in a one-woman pamper party. "This way I get to be totally naked…" says the tall, blue-eyed babe as she gives herself a leisurely pedicure. Smiling, she buffs her skin and polishes her toenails, then massages globs of creamy lotion into her bare feet, working it in between her toes.

She isn’t totally nude for long, however – she takes a brand new pair of tan pantyhose and rolls them on, sighing as the taut-stretched nylon molds to the contours of her freshly shaved pussy. Then she struts around, flaunting her beautiful tattooed body and caressing her large breasts and pierced nipples.

It soon becomes clear that this ritual is more about fetish than fashion – she takes the scissors from her beauty kit then, sprawling on her bed splay-legged, snips the crotch of her pantyhose wide open. With gold-manicured fingers, she spreads her lips to reveal a pierced clit hood. Then she begins to masturbate, penetrating her oozing-wet snatch in one quick thrust.

She writhes and bucks on the bed, fingering herself deep and hard from all angles. Then she rolls over for a doggy-style reach-around. All the while, she relishes the feel of her pantyhose, the contrast with her smooth, naked skin. Moaning, she grabs a foot and raises it to her face, contorting her body so she can rub her sole and lick and kiss her toes.

That’s when she begins to cum and she caresses her clit, drawing out the pleasure. Her orgasm leaves her with a glow and a sense of deep relaxation that no expensive spa treatment could match. And, as her fingertips skim over her tattered pantyhose, homing in on her tender pussy, her self-pleasure is about to reach a whole new level…

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