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Rebeka Ruby in Anal Celebration 1

As smoldering brunette Rebeka Ruby enters her apartment with a bottle of red wine, she’s "thirsty" – in the horny sense of the word. Instead of opening it she licks the neck, running her tongue over the smooth, cool glass before slipping it inside of her mouth.

She hikes up her dress to reveal black-lace stocking tops and panties, then plays her wineglass over her crotch – even as she feels her juices begin to flow, she knows she’s going to need more. Sitting on the stairs, thighs splayed, she saws her panty-crotch between her trimmed pussy lips, as she teases herself with the bottle.

That’s when she starts to feel a deep, familiar ache – and knows there’s only one way to soothe it. She peels off her panties, tossing them away, then licks a couple fingers, drooling on them. After slipping one, then both inside of her tight asshole to warm herself up, she puts the bottle in position, then takes a deep breath. Inch by inch she slides the entire neck inside, stretching herself open until her ass is gaping around it.

Sprawled back with her legs up, Rebeka pumps the full, heavy bottle in and out her anal opening. As she rocks her hips, the wine inside splashes around, taking the sensation to a whole new level. Moaning, she squats over the bottle, balancing on her strappy spike heels, letting it sink in as far as she can take it.

As she circles her fingertips over her clit, she cums suddenly and powerfully, thighs snapping together to clamp her hand in place. Her asshole spasms around the bottle, followed by aftershocks as she withdraws it slowly. Immediately, she opens the bottle and drinks deep…

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