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Rebeka Ruby in Working For Pleasure 1

At first glance, petite hazel-eyed brunette Rebeka Ruby seems sweet and demure, with her barely there makeup and side-braid – but take a closer look. Her lingerie is pretty but not so innocent: the sheer white lace and fine mesh do virtually nothing to hide her beautiful, natural breasts, stiff nipples and shaved pussy. Plus, she's checking out her own horny photos on The Life Erotic. As she rolls over, she flaunts her tight asshole through the stretched fabric. However, exhibitionism is just the beginning – this girl is a full-on fetishist, with a kink for nipple clamps. Biting down on her gag she fixes them in place, as tight as she thinks she can bear, before giving them one extra quarter turn – it makes her yelp. The chain between them has already left imprints on her soft skin, and she yanks on it as she examines her favorite new toy – a genuine medical speculum. She gives her clit one extra rub for luck, juices oozing as she slides the end inside. Then she moans as the cold, smooth steel penetrates her pussy. Pausing to take a calming breath, she twists it open and groans again as it splays her pussy open, stretching it to a gape. Then she feels her slick, pink walls squeeze tighter around it as her fingers tease her clit and she guides herself to a sure and powerful orgasm. As it peaks then ebbs, she admires her own expertise – she has honed her ability to make herself cum how and when she wants, almost down to the second. But as she slowly withdraws the speculum and sucks it clean – the metal still warm from the heat of her pussy – she yearns for somebody to join her at playing doctor...

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