Brushed Up 1

Dec 23, 2018
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Raisa in Brushed Up 1

"I used to put on makeup to relax," says cute auburn-haired babe Raisa. "It helped to calm and clear my mind, as I focussed on the colors and creating the perfect look. And that’s still true. But recently, it’s become more of a turn-on." A fetish? "I guess," she confesses.

She opens her blouse and slips off her black lace panties to expose natural breasts and a shaved pussy. "It’s more sexualized now. As I apply my red lipstick, my mind often drifts to sucking cock – long and slow. So the guy's cumming longer and harder than he ever thought he could."

Playfully, she draws a lipstick mouth on her hand and uses it to print "kiss marks" on her shoulder and inner thigh. "It’s actually gone beyond beauty – it’s all about self-pleasure. I'll put my makeup on to go out, then stay in alone, chasing the ultimate orgasm.

"The turning point was when I got my giant powder brush. I started to run it over my body – I love how it tickles my skin. Then…" She slides the handle inside of her snatch, stirring up her juices as she pounds it like a dildo.

"I even thought about becoming a makeup artist, then I realized I want this just for me…" Hand shaking, she buries the brush inside of her, deep enough to soak the bristles. And as her orgasm shakes her body, she draws it out slowly and sucks the shaft clean, smearing it with red lipstick…

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