Hot & Sticky 1

Nov 17, 2018
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Raisa in Hot & Sticky 1

When red-haired Raisa treats herself to a taste of honey, things usually get messy. It’s not a guilty pleasure – guilt is never an issue for this girl – but she locks herself away in the bathroom so she doesn’t have to share. Gloriously greedy and sensual, she enjoys her rich golden honey directly from the jar, licking and sucking it from her loaded dipper stick. As she smears the sticky fluid on her mouth like lip gloss, it drips down her chin and onto her small, natural breasts. She likes the feel of it on her skin and slathers it over her thighs, pausing to slip off her panties so she can spread it onto her shaved pussy, too. Instinctively, she begins to tease her slit with the purple head of the dipper, skimming it along the length and grinding it against her clit. Then, as she eases it inside, she sighs in delight as she feels her inner lips cling and mold to the ridges. As her fingertips circle her nub, she muses that honey is like a magic potion – slick enough to smooth the way while building sticky friction. Then all thoughts melt away as her orgasm pulses through her. She lies back, one hand still on her clit as she laps honey-infused juices from the dipper. Suddenly she realizes this is the sweetest sensation of all...

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