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Raisa in Under Surveillance 1

How did hot, auburn-haired honey Raisa come to be chained up, almost naked? She fixes her clear blue eyes on us, then shakes her head – either she isn’t sure herself, or she isn’t telling. All we know is: she doesn’t seem surprised to be in this predicament; she is seriously turned on; and she knows she is being watched and is expected to perform. She spots the box left on the chest nearby, and uses her agile feet to bring it within reach. To her delight, it contains a chrome vibrator – and the keys to her freedom. Hands trembling with lustful impatience, Raisa snaps open the padlocks at her wrists. Then she unwraps the vibe and begins to play with it. At first she sits on the heavy wooden chest, legs splayed, and buzzes her slit through her fishnet pantyhose. Her other hand massages her small, perfect breasts, liberating them from her black lace bra and pausing only to tug on her leather bondage collar. As she tears open the crotch of her pantyhose and plunges the toy inside of her shaved, slick pussy, she moans, momentarily lost in kinky pleasure. Suddenly, she remembers she’s putting on a show and switches position, standing up and flexing her body, flaunting her sexy ass doggy style, then lying back, wide open to our lens and any hidden cameras as she grinds and writhes, on the verge of an orgasm. It hits, sending her into a frenzy, and the vibrator slips from her hand split seconds before her nerves are overloaded. Her fingers take over, stroking and sliding inside to maximise her pleasure and, as she shuts her eyes, she forgets she’s under surveillance – this most intense pleasure is finally hers to experience...

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