Tied To Come 1

Apr 10, 2019
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Nata in Tied To Come 1

"My buddies call me Nasty Nata," says this petite, auburn-haired babe as she introduces herself. This seems to conflict with her sweet and smiley demeanor… until she begins to flaunt her insatiable lust for kink. As she poses in a red minidress and tiny thong panties, her hands start to stray. Then she plays with the long black ropes she’s fastened to her custom bed.

With deft, expert fingers she binds one ankle and then a wrist, stretching and contorting her slim, lithe body as she pulls against her bonds – and it soon becomes clear that, for Nata, this is a regular ritual. Almost immediately, her breathing deepens and speeds up with excitement, her skin has a horny glow and, when she slowly strips off her panties, leaving them dangling from one cute bare foot, her shaved pussy is already glistening wet.

Soon, she lies back and slips a little blue dildo inside – but, as she thrashes on her bedsheets, hiking up her dress to expose small, perfect breasts with glass-cutter nipples, it just seems like a tease: foreplay for the main event.

This girl may be submissive but she’s her own boss – she doesn’t seek permission but flashes an even brighter smile as she binds both ankles to raise her legs and splay her thighs. She grinds on the bed, stretching and contorting her beautiful body as she pounds her dildo in and out. Then, when she cums, her orgasm shudders through her entire body.

However, she has one final trick. She asks to have her wrists tied to the bed, talking a willing volunteer through every twist and loop. And, as it becomes clear that she is finally helpless for real, powerless to escape unless she begs for release, she cums again – so horny from getting her kink on that she doesn’t even need to touch her creaming pussy...

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