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Nata in Unrestricted Orgasm 1

Stunning Nata is usually the most obedient of submissives. Trust is everything and, when her Mistress binds her or forbids her to touch herself, she will comply. Today, however, Mistress is testing her resolve. Nata has been left alone, collared and bound to her bed with rough ropes, naked aside from her high spike heels - all certain to get her juices flowing. As further temptation, Mistress has left a vibrator on the bed, but she has also looped a flogger around the girl's wrist, as a reminder of the consequences of rebellion. Frustrated, the gorgeous brunette writhes on the sheets, tugging at her restraints, desperate to caress her own perfect natural breasts and smooth-shaved pussy. Suddenly, a rope comes loose – and she immediately frees a hand. She knows she is in trouble, even before her hand slips down between her thighs. Mistress could return at any moment. Then she tastes the sweet juices from her fingertips, unties her remaining bonds and plunges the vibrator deep inside. She leaves it switched off, trying to keep quiet, but is unable to resist buzzing it against her clit. Soon, she hears footsteps but she is way beyond caring – she bucks and trembles on the bed, cumming hard around the deep-sunk vibe. She knows punishment will follow but for now, her intense pleasure is all that matters…

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