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Monica Brown in Strangers Shoes 1

Hot Russian honey Monica Brown has a fetish for fitness – and her daily workout brings other benefits, too. The brown-eyed brunette is kinky for sneakers, and the locker room at her gym holds so many treasures…

She tells herself that this time, she’ll stick to sniffing her own pink running shoes. But, as she breathes in the heady, post-workout scent while caressing her athletic body, her eyes scan the pairs lined up on top of the lockers. Sneakers that belong to other girls – to total strangers. Experience has taught her it isn’t always the cutest shoes that get her horny, and after trying – and tossing – several pairs, she finally finds her prize.

The dark blue canvas is soft yet slightly rough against her naked skin as she rubs the sneakers up against her perfect breasts and squeezes her hard nipples between the toes. Then, as she works one against her shaved pussy, the textured sole builds up friction. Her creamy juices ooze out, smeared all over her fleshy pussy lips, and she can’t resist tasting them off of the shoe.

She grinds the sneaker harder against her snatch, toned muscles tensing as she edges closer to orgasm. Then, as she holds its partner up to her nose and inhales the horny essence of a total stranger, she lets go and cums hard, fingering her clit to draw out the pleasure for as long as she can.

She lies back and licks the cum-slathered sneaker clean, conscious that anyone could walk in at any moment and catch her in the act. Then she jams the other shoe in between her thighs and decides she doesn’t care…

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