Oct 21, 2017
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Mia Luna in Entrap

Every girl needs a hobby – and kinky blonde Mia Luna's is rating bondage equipment. "Seriously," she says. "I'll give anything and everything a test run. Whether it's a fully rigged dungeon or just a little purse-size sex toy, I'll try it out. Say what's great about it, or what needs to be fixed. Maybe a leg-spreader bar is a little shaky, or some leather wrist cuffs work loose when I pull against them." She strokes the tails of a black leather flogger over her perky breasts. "I'm playing with this today, and so far, so good. Well made, nice, smooth leather, and a beautiful hot sting when I use it to spank my ass and thighs. Then there's this…" She grabs a crop with a heart-shaped keeper and slides the handle in her shaved, lubed pussy. "Maybe I'm not <em>meant</em> to use it inside of myself like this – but nobody said I can't. It's kinda cute, but now I'm gonna need to test a dildo, to make sure I cum. Want to watch…?"

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