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Melita in Dream Of Cumming 1

Held up in traffic, cute blonde Melita lets her mind escape the boredom. She pictures herself in a derelict building, dressed in just a plastic-wrap raincoat over fishnet pantyhose. Her manicured hands rub her full, beautiful breasts through the transparent layers, occasionally skimming down over her curves to stroke her shaved pussy lips.

Soon, the urge to slip her fingers inside of her hose is impossible to resist. She ruffles the tiny patch of hair on her mound and then, as they tease and probe, she feels her fleshy pink swell and juice up with excitement.

For a slick new sensation, she imagines herself oiling her tits – then, on impulse, she grabs her pantyhose crotch in both hands, ripping it wide open. The fresh air hits her pussy, making her feel a little dizzy, and she sits on a low, moss-covered concrete wall amid the rubble. She starts to masturbate, oily fingers pounding her wet snatch from all angles.

Next, she stands up, her tattered pantyhose now looking more like stockings and garters. Laying down her coat, she lies on the shattered remains of fallen roof tiles, legs splayed, her intense pleasure overriding any discomfort she might feel. Her breath turns to ragged gasps as she starts to cum, thighs pinning her hand in place as her pussy walls spasm around her fingers…

Suddenly, she’s jolted from her reverie by the sound of a car horn – the traffic has cleared and she’s free to drive away. It all seemed so real, but an aching pulse in her pussy tells her she’s yet to cum – and she needs to cum soon…

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