The Appointment 1

Oct 03, 2018
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Mary Lin in The Appointment 1

Horny blonde Mary Lin loves sexual experimentation, so she has volunteered for research into female orgasms. The technician takes maybe a little longer than is necessary to assess her suitability, latex-gloved hands roaming over her body – but Mary appreciates that the woman is only human. Even the coolest scientific mind can get distracted by the sight and feel of stunning curves and full, natural breasts. Mary's ice-blue eyes make contact from behind her glasses and the study commences. She is asked to strip naked, so electrical pads can be connected to strategic points on her body. Then the researcher hits buttons on a console, sending pulses and waves of energy through her, making her jerk and twitch like a helpless puppet. Does it hurt? Not at all. And, as she submits to the strange sensation, she begins to enjoy the spasms building up inside of her. Instructed to ignore any inhibitions she has, she trails a hand down to her shaved pussy, fingertips finding and teasing her juiced-up pink. She fights the urge to cum, desperate to prolong the delicious moments of tension before release. Then the power is dialed up and the next pulse sends her over the brink, hot wet walls clenching tight around her fingers as she grinds them in, knuckle-deep. When she has recovered, the researcher removes the device and instructs her to masturbate again, just as she usually would. This, she explains, is known as the "control" experiment. At this point, Mary loses control, as a second, even more intense orgasm shudders through her…

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