Apr 08, 2019
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Maria Rubio in Cleanse

Stunning blonde Maria Rubio is trying out a new home-spa treatment. For this busy babe, me-time is too precious to rush, so she takes things slowly, arching and stretching her gorgeous body. Her terrycloth robe falls to the floor to expose her perfect breasts, then her hands stray down to caress her shaved pussy. She can’t resist the silky feel of her smooth skin and she rolls over onto all fours, clenching her tight asshole as her fingers splay her lips like butterfly wings and find her clit.

She doesn’t want to cum just yet, however. She takes her pot of mineral-rich mud and smears it all over her slender curves, relishing the feel of it – so slippery, yet adding friction at the same time. She also enjoys a strangely delicious sense of the forbidden: the feeling of self-indulgence, of slathering her clean, clear skin with liquid dirt, however pure.

Turned on, she lets out a long, sighing moan as she strokes her muddy fingers along her slit, rolling, squeezing and rubbing her clit between them. But she resists the urge to probe her snatch – she’ll delay that pleasure for the shower, when she rinses off the dusty mud, dried by her body heat. Then she’ll plunge them deep inside, crying out as she cums around them. She's certain that spa therapy boosts her well-being – but she is equally sure that nothing soothes and energizes her mind and body like an orgasm...

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