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Lucretia K in Anger Management 1

When we call gorgeous gamer Lucretia K a loser, after watching her crash and burn spectacularly, she just laughs. "I used to get so angry when it was game over!" confesses the stunning Ukrainian blonde, brown eyes twinkling as she smiles. "But now I’ve discovered the best way to handle it." She demonstrates, tossing the controller aside like she hates it. Then, within seconds, her hands begin to roam over her hot body, teasing her curves through her T-shirt. She gets naked, slowly stripping off her top to expose perfect natural breasts, then peeling off her shorts and panties to reveal a shaved pussy, already juicing up. Her bare feet flex as she begins to masturbate and her nimble fingers, practiced from operating her joysticks and buttons, flutter over her slit and clit. She cups a breast and tugs on her nipple, moaning as her pleasure builds. "I’d actually blame losing a game on my controller – can you believe it?" she exclaims, grabbing it, then grinding a handle up and down her slit and inside of her snatch like a dildo. A change of tactics – crouching on all fours, doggy-style – lets her screw herself even deeper, the hard black plastic penetrating her soft folds. Then she sprawls back once again, tossing the cream-smeared gadget aside to focus on finger action once more. This time she’s winning and she bucks her ass clear of the couch as she cums, moaning in ecstasy and triumph as her pussy snaps tight then pulses around her fingers. "Do I still get angry? Well… yes. I’m very competitive." She sighs, releasing the last shreds of tension as her hands caress her body soothingly. "But I’m soon over it." And it’s only a game, right? Her brown eyes flash pure fire. "Don’t say that," she replies. "Don’t <em>ever</em> say that it's only game!" Instinctively, her fingers move towards her crotch...

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