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Dec 18, 2018
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Lote in Game Room

Smoldering-hot brunette barmaid Lote is racking up the balls on a billiards table – and showing off her own impressive rack. So… what are the rules? "No idea," she says, pouting her rosebud lips. "I never play, I just like to watch."

And what has she learned from that? She grabs a couple balls, caresses them, then rolls them against her large, natural breasts. "This usually gets a guy rock-hard. Also, people can get really competitive when they play, even best friends. Especially best friends."

She hops up on the table and splays her legs, flaunting stockings, garters and a fuzzy, unshaved pussy as she yanks her panty crotch up into her slit. "An ex was playing against his hot buddy one night recently," she says. "The other guy was flirting and trying to impress me, and my ex got a little jealous. I was in a naughty mood so I said they should stick around after the bar closed, play one final game. Then the winner could do me on the table.

"I caused so much trouble, flashing them while they were taking a shot. Then, when it looked like the buddy was going to lose, I said I’d play the last shot – and if I made it, they’d both win. I kept them in suspense… then I just picked up the ball and dropped it in the pocket. Good enough." She sinks her fingers in her pussy.

"My ex did me from behind, while I sucked his buddy." She smears creamy juices on her lips then swirls the rest over her nipples. "Then they both jacked off on my tits." And then…? "We all went home alone," she sighs. "My ex has called a few times, but I can’t stop thinking about his buddy’s big, beautiful cock. How it felt against my tongue, how it tasted… Maybe I should organize a rematch…"

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