Your Desire

Nov 21, 2018
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Lola D in Your Desire

Look who’s tied up like a marionette… Sizzling-hot submissive Lola D dared to tell her Master during a scene that she’s "not some kind of sex puppet" – and let’s just say he likes to devise punishments that fit the crime. That’s how the brunette rebel has found herself bound hand and foot, with "some jerk yanking on the ropes". She has no idea who the "jerk" controlling her might be, but she soon learned they don’t like to be insulted. All she knows for sure is she can be seen and heard, and she suspects they’re an orgasm denial freak. When she strips to give them a show, swishing her waist-length brunette hair as she exposes her perfect breasts, that’s fine. But the moment she tries to touch her nipples, if only to soothe their frustrated ache, her hand is pulled away. Ditto, popping the crotch of her teddy to flaunt her shaved pussy, then skimming her fingers along her slit – a sharp tug on her ankle nearly yanks her off of her spike heels. Now, as she sits on the floor, her bonds are slowly pulled, parting her legs wider. As she feels her thigh muscles stretch and strain, her pussy tightens – and she begins to wonder how much more of this frustration she can handle. She knows there are two ways she can make it stop: saying her safeword – something she’s never resorted to. Or total submission to whoever is pulling her strings. She senses strong hands at the other end – a spanking may hurt a lot. But curiosity gets the better of her and, as she agrees to face the consequences of her disobedient behavior, she feels a hot rush of juices between her splayed thighs...

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