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Lola Ash in The Road To Home 1

It's been a long and stressful day for college girl Lola Ash and, as she makes her way home, she gets the urge to blow off a little steam. First, she decides to walk it off, taking a scenic route along a dusty road. Then, as she comes upon a derelict factory, she cautiously heads inside. She's walked by it so many times before, but today is different – it's just the kind of private place she needs to work off her frustrations. She's cute in her preppy outfit, pigtails and little white panties but, as she hitches up her skirt to knead and spank her ass cheeks, her taste for kink reveals itself. She pulls a small but viciously skinny riding crop out her waistband, and lays a few teasing strokes on her tan flesh. As the juices flow to her pussy, she strokes herself through her panty-crotch, then she lies back on a rough concrete slab among the rubble, legs splayed wide. With her panties pulled aside to reveal smooth, shaved lips, she masturbates – then whips her inner thighs hard enough to raise pink welts. As the pain drives her pleasure, her fingers pump in and out. Then, increasingly desperate to cum, she rolls onto all fours and uses her whip handle as a dildo, pounding it in and out her snatch. On her back again, she screws herself even faster, moans becoming cries as she nears orgasm. Then, as she cums, she withdraws the cream-coated crop and whips herself, each pulse and ripple of her pussy walls punctuated by a stinging stroke. As she recovers, she seems self-conscious, demure – did anybody see or hear her? Then she dusts herself down, gathers up her possessions and heads out the building. To look at her, nobody would know what she has just done – but, as she pulls her panties back on again, the drenched cotton clinging to the contours of her pussy tells the true story...

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