Maid To Vibe 1

Mar 27, 2019
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Lexi Dona in Maid To Vibe 1

As gorgeous hotel maid Lexi Dona makes the bed in a guest room, she gets a kinky surprise – hidden beneath the sheets, she finds a leather thong and ring gag.

The sexy Czech brunette examines them, fascinated. Then, determined to be discreet, she puts them in the nightstand’s goodie drawer, her apron and short dress riding up to flash her stunning, firm ass as she bends over. But, as she discovers a vibrator, her hazel eyes light up, and she feels a rush of warm, wet juices to her shaved pussy.

Horny and unable to resist temptation, Lexi strips to her black lingerie, flaunting her stunning tan body and perfect breasts – then she retrieves the leather thong. She only meant to try it for size, but as she feels the smooth hide clinging to her crotch and splaying her ass cheeks, tight up in her crack, her hand strays down the lace-up front.

Soon she’s masturbating with the vibrator, moaning as the soft silicone spikes grind against her clit and circle her stiff brown nipples. Then she’s naked, pounding herself hard and deep, on her back and doggy style, with the vibe hitting every sweet spot.

How long does it take her to cum? She can’t say for sure and time seems to stand still as her snatch tenses then ripples around the quivering shaft. She gives herself a couple more minutes to enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss, then finishes her chores, tidying everything into the drawer. But she can’t help fantasizing about the guests, and whether they’d appreciate some after-hours maid service...

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