Spank 1

Jan 04, 2019
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Lee Anne in Spank 1

On a mission to rid her home of unwanted junk, Lee Anne – a raven-haired honey with striking sea-blue eyes – looks through a box labeled "My Horse Stuff". Does she use it or need it? No. But, as she takes a black riding crop and runs her hand along the slender, springy shaft, she feels a sudden kinky thrill. A tingle of pleasure and excitement sparks deep inside of her then shivers through her beautiful body.

At first, she feels surprised and even a little awkward, but she continues to play the whip over her curves. She strokes the smooth leather keeper against her soft skin and teases herself through her cute pink lingerie. As her nipples stiffen and warm, sticky juices soak into the crotch of her panties, she gets naked, exposing perfect breasts and a shaved pussy with a neat trimmed bush on her mound.

The sensation of the crop against her slit is almost too much to handle – her snatch tightens up like she’s about to cum. To distract herself, she rolls on all fours, then lays a spank on her stunning ass, wincing as it leaves a hot red imprint. Maybe that was a little hard but she perseveres. Gentle, overlapping strokes build up a glowing pink heat and she slides a hand between her thighs, soothing the tension at first, then creating delicious friction as her fingers sink deep inside of her drenched pussy.

The whip cracks down even harder and louder to punctuate her moans of total pleasure. Suddenly, she orgasms and lies on her back, legs splayed, as she rocks her palm against her clit. Then, when she thinks she can’t cum anymore, she glides the crop along her slit, smearing it with her cream as a powerful spasm seizes her pussy.

Later, she’ll toss or donate all the stuff she doesn’t need – but not until she’s saved a few kinky treasures from her trash…

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