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Lee Anne in All Work No Play 1

Today has been all business and no pleasure for smoldering-hot brunette Lee Anne – and, even now she’s home, the work emails just won’t stop coming. Suddenly, her sea-blue eyes light up as she receives a message from her girlfriend. "All Work No Play?" it reads, with a link to The Life Erotic. Suddenly, she realizes she isn’t just in desperate need of a break – she’s horny too. She logs in and strips off slowly as she watches the onscreen action, peeling off her clothes and sexy red lingerie to expose her perfect breasts, shaved pussy lips and trimmed mound. Dressed in just stockings and spike heels, she lies down on the bed and begins to masturbate, fingers splaying and reaming her pink. Then, ass up and face down, she plows herself doggy style, juices drooling out her smooth snatch. This is usually all it takes to get her cumming, but it’s been a long, tough day so she needs something more. She lubes her trusty dildo – a huge black mock-cock – then eases it in slowly. She moans as she feels her snatch begin to tighten and pulse around it, and grinds it even harder and deeper inside. Then she kneels up, bracing the base against the sheets as she rides it hard, fingertips circling her clit to bring relief in hot, wet waves. Totally spent and satisfied, she slumps face down on the bed and decides to leave work early tomorrow and hook up with her girlfriend. And her last thought as she drifts off is, maybe they can watch some horny videos together...

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