Dec 01, 2017
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Laura D in Muzzled

Mistress loves to discipline Laura D. Based on whips and bondage, the training may seem cruel – but, for a horny pain-slut like Laura, being collared and spanked is a reward rather than a punishment. She's usually quick to learn, but today's lesson – Silence Is Golden – is proving tough. Bound and naked, the cute brunette's moans are tolerable, but when she snaps that Mistress needs to spank her harder, she crosses a line. Gagging her would be too easy, so Mistress buckles a black leather muzzle over her face, to remind her to keep her opinions to herself. As the crop lands, giving her ass-cheeks a cute pink glow, Laura bites her lip. Massaging her small, perfect breasts and pinching her stiff nipples helps her to focus. Then, as Mistress splays her shaved pussy lips and pleasures her slit, she remains silent, even as her hips buck and she spasms around the probing fingers. Laura knows her big brown eyes should remain lowered at all times, out of respect – but as Mistress sucks her own fingers, tasting Laura's creamy cum, the girl shoots her a pleading glance. Immediately, the muzzle is unbuckled. Out of pity and appreciation? Perhaps. Laura really has tried her best today. Or is it simply because Mistress wants her pussy to be licked now…

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