Plastic Wrap 1

Feb 15, 2019
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Lara A in Plastic Wrap 1

Gorgeous Lara A seems to be a quiet, modest girl, but she’s hiding a kinky secret. Pretty, with long, golden-brunette hair, chocolate-brown eyes and cute braces, she’s showing off her tattoos in a fitted black minidress. However, as she kicks back during a break from work, her hands begin to stray over her beautiful, slender body.

As she unfastens the zipper, she reveals a layer of clear plastic wrap wound tightly around her body, pressing her perfect breasts together and hugging the curves of her torso, mound and ass. Her skin breaks a light, glowing sweat beneath the plastic and, as she feels a corresponding wetness inside of her shaved pussy, temptation becomes impossible to resist.

She removes her dress, striking poses as her hands skim her plastic-clad contours. Then her fingers claw at the wrap over her tits, tearing off a thin strip. She sucks on this as she plows her snatch, then twists and stretches it into a string. As she saws it against her creamy slit, teasing her tender clit, she moans out loud. Then her probing fingers cram it deep inside of her.

A tingle of pleasure shivers through her pussy as it clenches around the wrap. Surfing a wave of pure lust, Lara strums her clit and dips her fingers inside, squirming and arching her body. She wishes there was somebody else here to see her asshole peeking out between her splayed cheeks, above the plastic poking out her pussy, as she assumes a doggy-style pose.

That’s when her orgasm takes her by surprise. Hands trembling, she clutches at the wisp of wrap and draws it out slowly, moaning as her pussy walls ripple against it. Then, just when she thinks she’s finished cumming, another tug pulls it free and sets off a second climax. Letting out an ecstatic sigh she slumps back in her seat, swirling her tongue around the string of plastic as she sucks it clean of her cum...

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