Icy Candles 1

Nov 22, 2018
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Lara A in Icy Candles 1

Sexy Lara A, a horny blonde with cute braces, loves to explore extremes during her solo playtimes – and today, it’s a game of hot and cold. Dressed in burgundy-lace lingerie with smoky date-night makeup, she lies on the table in her candlelit kitchen. As she glides chunks of citrus-studded ice over her warm skin she shivers in delight, then writhes against the cool, hard wood as she peels off her bra and panties. Naked, she caresses her beautiful breasts, nipples stiffening as she circles them with a nugget of ice. Then, as the aching pulse in her clit becomes impossible to ignore, she stretches and splays her long legs, playing the ice over her shaved pussy until it melts. Another shiver and she decides to add some heat to the mix, taking a large candle from the counter. Cautiously, she drizzles molten wax over her breasts and belly, relishing the sensation of it hardening against her flesh. Feeling bolder, she moves the candle closer, wincing as a hotter splash hits her skin, then savoring its slight sting. Soon, her stunning tattooed body is spattered with wax, and her fingers get to work in her slit, probing and plowing her juiced-up hole and rubbing her clit. As she cums she feels a surge of heat, this time from deep inside. She grabs more ice and holds it between her thighs – maybe it’s just her fevered imagination, but she’s convinced she hears a steamy sizzle as it makes contact…

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