Hot Iron 1

Dec 05, 2018
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Lady Dee in Hot Iron 1

Sultry Czech Lady Dee is petite but powerful. Maintaining a hot, toned body like hers takes a lot of work, but the brown-eyed, black-haired babe is totally committed. "I lift every day," she says. "My favorite gym is a 24-hour place, so if I want to work out at 3am, that’s cool. No lines for the machines. In fact, I often get the place to myself at that time – my own private gym. That’s how my naked workouts began." She flashes a mischievous grin. "The first time, it was just because my gym pants felt too tight – I couldn’t move like I wanted. And I figured I may as well take my top off, too." She demonstrates, peeling off her bra and shorts to expose small, perfect breasts and a shaved pussy. "Shaved in the shower, after every workout," she explains. "It’s kind of a ritual, part of the discipline." She runs her hands over her smooth, althetic curves. "It was so amazing to lift weights naked – I’ve never felt so free, and watching myself in the wall mirrors, seeing how my strong body moves, is a real turn-on. I’ve learned to focus now and if I get distracted, I have a solution." She sits on a bench, legs splayed, fingertips dancing in between her moist pussy lips. "It began like this…" She grabs a large shoulder-press bar and humps her snatch against it, grinding her clit on the cool metal, smearing and slicking it with juices. "Then I gave in to another urge…" She takes another, shorter bar and slips one end inside of her wet hole, pumping it in and out with one hand, as the other teases her swollen, fleshy nub. Her body tenses, muscles taut, then shudders in release. "Now it's become a part of my workout." And what about CCTV? She shrugs. "I always assume I'm being watched," she admits. "It's all part of the horny thrill. I work hard to get my best body, so why not show it off – to anyone who wants to see…?"

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