Nylon Relief 1

Mar 15, 2019
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Kerry Bradshow in Nylon Relief 1

Sexy Kerry Bradshow could not be more excited – this morning, her expensive, luxurious new pantyhose arrived in the mail. Unfortunately, she had to leave them boxed while she went to work, and the anticipation has switched between ultimate pleasure and total agony. Now she’s finally home and making up for lost time.

Slowly, she rolls on the pantyhose, taking care not to snag the sheer, nude-colored nylon mesh. Then she sits back to enjoy the sensation, toes flexing and pointing against the glossy fabric as it clings tightly around her legs.

Arching her slender body, she runs her manicured fingers through her long blonde hair, then strokes them down over her curves until she finds the waistband. She slips her fingertips inside for a moment, tempted and tantalized, then gives her perfect breasts some attention instead, cupping her globes and teasing her stiff nipples.

At last, she begins to masturbate, fingers building up friction through her pantyhose. She could cum like this but she can’t resist peeling them down and off, gazing at the spreading wet patch on the crotch and flaunting cute tanlines as she gets naked. She moans softly as her digits glide over her shaved pussy, then louder as she sinks them inside, and her tight asshole spasms above them as she bends over doggy style.

Finally, she lies back, ass humping clear of the couch as she orgasms around her fingers, drenching them with her cream. And, as she comes back down to earth, she saws her pantyhose between her teeth and lips, relishing the silky feel of the fabric, infused with the scent and flavor of her arousal...

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