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Kerry Bradshow in Seeking Pleasure 1

Cute Kerry Bradshow loves to relax in her huge bathtub, sipping a glass of her favorite red wine. Candles add to the chilled-out atmosphere – but this petite blonde babe is always chasing her next kinky thrill so things soon take a turn for the twisted.

She holds a long, burgundy-red candle and gazes into the flickering flame for a moment – then she tilts it, anticipation building until… Suddenly, a hot stream of melted wax overflows the tip and splashes over her perfect breasts, causing her to wince and yelp as it hits her stiff nipples. Maybe it was a little too hot – but she didn’t actually dislike the sensation.

The excitement of risking another flash of pain in her quest for pure pleasure proves too tempting and she lets more molten wax pool, then spills the ruby drops over her toned belly and shaved pussy. This time, the brief, stinging burn is not as extreme as she was expecting, and she relishes the slightly strange sensation of the wax hardening on her skin.

Soon, she submits to another urge, setting aside the candle as her hand slips in between her thighs, water splashing as she frigs her snatch below the surface. Moaning, she rolls over to kneel doggy style, flaunting sexy tanlines and a tight asshole as she drizzles hot wax over her stunning bubble-butt. Then she perches on the end of the tub as she fingers her clit and pussy over the brink.

As her orgasm pulses through her, she gazes into the candle’s flame once more, feeling a warm glow of her own...

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