Nov 10, 2018
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Katia B in Pulverize

Think baking bread is a wholesome hobby? Meet sexy cook Katia B and think again. "I wanted to impress a guy, a real foodie, by taking homebaked rolls to a potluck dinner party," explains the petite brunette. "At first, it's all good – my dough is rising nicely. Then, as I'm flouring the counter, the bag explodes." She cracks a playful smile. "It would have ruined my clothes, but I'm baking naked, hoping he'll pick up on the horny vibe when he takes a bite. I try to dust myself off and realize it feels amazing – silky-smooth and soft against my skin. My hands are everywhere…" She glides them over her curves and lingers on her pert, beautiful breasts. "And then I'm cupping my shaved pussy, kneading it like it's a ball of dough, squeezing and pressing my lips hard against my clit. I dip one finger in a pot of olive oil and skim it along my slit, and then immediately, I'm cumming like crazy." Did she even make it to the dinner party? She shakes her head. "I'm still horny as hell so I call the guy and ask him for a ride. I answer the door naked, still covered in flour. He takes one look and... Next thing he's banging me, bent over the counter, one hand on my clit, the other teasing my asshole." She shrugs. "We tried to leave a couple times, but then we'd start to make out again. Later, the hostess called him – kinda pissed because he was meant to be bringing the dessert." She licks her lips, then grins. "Guess who got all the sweet stuff…?"

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