Jan 20, 2019
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Katherina in Hazardous

Sizzling-hot auburn-haired babe Katherina loves to roleplay, even when she’s going solo, and this time she’s getting kinky with some hardware her decorators left lying around. Wrapped in transparent plastic that does nothing to conceal her full, beautiful breasts and hairy pussy, she gazes over the top of her face mask.

She could be the first wave of an alien invasion – but as she smooths crosses of black tape onto her stiff nipples, her imagination runs riot, and she fantasizes that she’s the lone survivor in a dystopian society, awaiting her fate in a luxurious chamber underground.

She’s tough, resilient and independent – in fact, the only thing that scares her is the thought that she may never have sex again. She’s learnt to take care of herself in that sense, too – she has all day to lie, legs splayed, stroking her full bush until she feels the warm ooze of juices to the pink between them.

As her fingers scissor her lips apart, she moans, anticipating the moment they'll touch her clit. She imagines the arrival of a stranger and how they will cum together – missionary, face to face? With her on top so they know who’s in charge? But as she sinks two digits deep inside of her snatch, she knows she wants to take it from behind, focussed on pure sensation, relishing the primal sound and feel of skin on skin with no other distractions.

She rolls over on all fours, ass in the air, her snatch and tight ass invitingly framed by her dark pubes. Then, as she plows herself deep, she hears a sound – footsteps approaching. Her brown eyes widen and shine. As the heavy door swings open she cums hard, letting out a moan as her pussy clenches and creams around the entire length of her fingers. Instinctively she knows she can handle whoever has just walked in – but can they handle her…?

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