Pumping Time 1

Feb 12, 2019
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Kate Fresh in Pumping Time 1

Kinky Kate Fresh can’t wait to play with her new pussy pump – but first she needs to make sure she’s wet. The Latvian honey rubs her perfect breasts through her shiny black PVC bra, then slides her hands inside of her matching panties. She rolls them down along with her fishnet pantyhose, displaying her tattoos, then splays and masturbates her pussy.

"Just shaved, for maximum suction," she purrs, eyes gleaming behind her cute glasses. "I love it when I’m so juiced up my fingers just sink in," she explains, plunging two knuckle-deep inside of her. "Now I want to take that to the next level."

She fits the cup snugly over her snatch, then gives the bulb a squeeze. Immediately, her flesh begins to fill the chamber. Two more pumps and her eyes widen at the power of her toy – but she grits her teeth and squeezes once again, slower this time. She hangs in there as her swollen flesh turns dark red, then lets out a sigh of relief as she hits the quick release.

After she removes the cup, her entire crotch remains swollen, engorged and super-sensitive – she squeals as her fingers disappear between her pillowy lips. "I want to bang a guy… with the biggest cock I’ve ever taken," she breathes. "To feel the entire length sink in my puffed-up pussy…" She strokes her tender lips, twitching as she strikes a spark, then orgasms almost immediately.

She smears her stiff nipples with her sticky cum, then licks her fingers. "I want him to feel like he’s lost inside of me, maybe forever. But why would he even want to break free…?"

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