Dec 02, 2018
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Jenny A in S-Wank

Sexy blonde Jenny A is in the money – and she’s making it rain all over her smokin’-hot body. When pressed for more details, all she’ll admit is she’s a self-made woman, with a love of hard cash that borders on the fetishistic. "I got such a thrill when I earned my first paycheck," she says, hands skimming her curves and lingering on her perfect breasts. "It wasn’t a fortune, but it was mine to spend however I pleased. I got a real strong sense of independence, like I'd proved I can take care of myself." And that applies to everything in her life? She smiles. "Nobody makes me cum like I do, and I treat myself like any other lover. I’ll dress in heels and stockings, expensive lingerie, fix my hair and makeup, shave my pussy…" She parts her legs to reveal a split-crotch thong, then her fingers splay her smooth pink lips wide open and slip deep inside of her juiced-up hole. "I’ll use all the little tricks I’ve learned that turn me on." She raises a bunch of bills up to her nose and inhales their scent, then tosses them in the air – and she’s already frigging herself into a lust-drenched frenzy by the time they flutter down to land on her body. All we can do is watch in awe as she writhes, ecstatic, grabbing a couple notes to hold against her pussy. Then she orgasms, grinding her naked ass against the paper strewn on her couch. She kisses the bills stained with her cream, adding a lipstick print. "Like I said, nobody else can make me cum like that," she purrs. "But you can try. Just as long as you keep your hands off of my money!"

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