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Jade in Cumbering Around 1

Kinky strawberry-blonde babe Jade never says no to a dare – and her roomie-with-benefits likes to challenge her daily. "Dress like I’m taking you to a fetish club," said the message on her phone, which is why Jade is wearing shiny black PVC and skyscraper heels at noon. She’s also horny as hell – so it’s a shame she’s still home alone. Frustrated after almost an hour spent waiting, she opens the goodie drawer in her nightstand – only to find her collection of sex toys is missing. In its place is a fresh cucumber, along with a condom in case her roomie's intentions weren’t clear. Of course, this appeals to Jade’s twisted side. She strips down to a tiny black thong, baring her perfect natural breasts. Then she passes the cucumber from hand to hand, weighing it up, suddenly a little apprehensive at the size of it. But a dare is a dare. She rolls the lubed condom onto the thick green shaft, then pulls her thong aside to expose her shaved pussy before getting totally naked. Next, she rubs the tip against her clit, making sure she’s wet before sliding it inside, opening up her snatch inch by inch. She takes it slowly at first, but soon she’s rolling around on the bed, riding the vegetable and screwing herself doggy style. Lost in intense, extreme sensation, she’s almost taken by surprise when her orgasm hits. But she goes with it, grinding the cucumber in deep like her favorite dildo as her pussy walls spasm around it. As she comes back down, she laughs to herself – should she fix a salad for her roomie? Then she realizes, she has no proof of what she just did. She sprawls back on the bed, stroking her clit to keep herself juiced up. Then she grabs her cameraphone and another condom...

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