Ready To Cum

Aug 22, 2018
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Guna in Ready To Cum

Horny auburn-haired honey Guna gets ready to greet her lover, dressed in just a black, wet-look thong, a matching "top" made from a single strip of fabric – and the tie he left behind the last time he visited. As she loops it around her neck, she inhales the faint scent of his cologne, and recalls how she used the tie as a leash to lead him naked around her apartment. She decides that, when he arrives, she will be right on the brink of orgasm and, as she checks out the reflection of her stunning body in the mirror, she caresses her perfect breasts, watching her nipples stiffen as she feels a warm rush of juices to her shaved pussy. She moans as her fingertips hover over her clit and, as she splays her creamy lips wide open she feels a pulse deep within, but resists the urge to sink her digits inside. She continues, building up her tension and arousal with precision timing, until she knows all it will take is one thrust of his cock to set off her orgasm. Just the idea of it almost takes her over the edge, but she retains control… Then the doorbell rings, and the thought of him seconds away, hard and ready for her, sets off that first, explosive spasm, and she can't help herself. As her climax dies away, the sound of his footsteps sets off an intense aftershock – there's no way she'll be able to hide what has just happened. Not that he'll care too much. He'll tease her for her lack of self-discipline, for sure, but as his cock sinks into her tender, juice-saturated snatch, he'll appreciate her cumming for him once again…

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