Escape To Cum

Jan 06, 2019
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Eva Gold in Escape To Cum

Gorgeous Russian submissive Eva Gold has been left all alone in a sumptuous bedroom, collared but unbound. A beautiful glass dildo – a generous gift from her Mistress – lies within easy reach.

As the tattooed blonde muses on this unusual level of freedom, her fingers roam over her breasts and linger on her nipples, constantly sensitive and aching for her touch. Then they glide down to caress her pussy, shaved each day for Mistress, and sink deep inside.

At first, Eva resists the temptation to use the dildo, suspecting that her obedience and self-control are being tested. However, certain that her only order was to keep her collar in place, she soon succumbs. She plays the smooth, cool head along her slit, then dips it into her snatch – just the tip at first. Then she takes a deep breath and plunges the entire length inside of her.

Even as she feels her orgasm start to build, she gets the urge to add a little kinky spice to the mix – and, as she’s strapping her wrist cuffs in place, the realization suddenly hits her. Mistress wants her to experience extreme self-pleasure, so when she’s bound and helpless, forbidden and unable to cum, the torment will feel all the more delicious.

As she pulls against her bonds and pounds the dildo in and out, this thought takes her over the brink, and she relishes every moment of her orgasm like it’s the last one she’ll ever have…

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