Jul 25, 2018
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Eva Gold in Silk

One girl's trash really is another's treasure. "My roomie was going to throw away this beautiful scarlet ribbon," says gorgeous Russian Eva Gold. "Can you believe it? Of course, I was happy to take it. I thought I might make something with it, use it in an outfit," explains the slender, tattooed brunette, "but I just spent a half-hour playing with it, fascinated, gazing at the color, running it between my fingers. Soon, I wanted more. I got naked in the bathroom, stroked it over my body. I even shaved my pussy so my skin was smooth and velvety soft against the red silk. It felt incredible – soothing yet really horny. So I just wrapped it around my body and legs, then used my favorite pink vibe and a little clit tickler to make myself cum. Now I want somebody to tie me up with the ribbon and lick my creaming pussy, until I have to beg them to stop because I can't cum any more. Not my roomie, though. Somebody who'll appreciate the beauty of my red silk ribbon and who'll understand why it turns me on so much. Someone like you?"

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