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Emylia Argan in Sensitive Nipples 1

Most of the time, sexy brunette Emylia Argan loves having sensitive nipples – she can cum just from having them teased or sucked. However, there's a problem. "I cum too quickly!" the horny Czech babe explains, with a rueful smile. "When I have sex or masturbate, it just takes a couple touches and it's game over. I'll be relishing that slow build-up, then… bam! Sure, I can start all over again, but sometimes it's kinda frustrating, in its own way. Even lace lingerie can set me off." Luckily, she seems to have found a solution. "Burlesque pasties," she says, carefully sticking them in position on her large breasts. "They pull a little as the tassels shake, which is a whole other sensation. But they're just enough of a shield." She demonstrates, stripping down to her cutaway, garter-effect body stocking and gently stroking her exposed pussy. She ruffles the trimmed curly bush on her mound, then her fingers begin to probe. Her big boobs bounce and swing but – to her obvious delight – she doesn't climax. She bends over the couch to finger her snatch doggy-style, splaying and strumming her shaved lips. "Still not cumming…" she breathes as she sinks two digits inside, so she grabs her favorite pink dildo. She can't resist using it to make her globes quiver, but soon she's plowing it in and out, churning her pussy juices into foam. Then, as she surfs the brink of orgasm, she tugs on her nipple tassels and tips herself into blissful oblivion, body writhing as her snatch pulses around the toy. "This way I have total control over when I cum, and how," she says, still a little short of breath. "And I like it…"

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