The Ritual 1

Dec 21, 2018
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Emma Fantazy in The Ritual 1

One day a week, stunning brunette Emma Fantazy works from home. To motivate herself, she fixes her hair and makeup and dresses for business. She always wears black pantyhose, too – but without underwear. She loves to feel the sheer fabric against her skin, the thick seam pulling tight up into her shaved slit and crack to rub against her clit and asshole…

As she sends her final memos of the day, lying on her bed in just her pantyhose and an open jacket, she can’t keep her hands off of herself, stroking her small, perfect breasts. Then she turns her attention to her legs and rounded butt-cheeks and massages her cute feet. She moves on the sheets, marveling at how perfect and yet how delicate her pantyhose are, stretching almost to the limit as she slips a hand inside to splay her pussy lips.

She delays as long as she can, drawing out the anticipation, but soon her kinky compulsion proves impossible to resist. Kneeling on the bed, she grabs the front of her pantyhose and rips out the crotch, sighing as she feels the cool air hit her pussy.

Her fingers glide along her juice-drenched slit, immediately sinking knuckle-deep inside of her snatch. She frigs herself into a frenzy then lies with her legs up and back and tears her hose again to expose her asshole. She keeps on teasing, taking herself to the edge of orgasm – then pauses each time, to rip them again. When, at last, she hits the point of no return, she cums hard around her fingers, with the tattered shreds of black nylon clinging to her legs and waist.

As she lies back, caressing her beautiful body, her thoughts drift to her closet and another brand new pair of black pantyhose inside – the most expensive she’s ever bought. As she contemplates the pleasure that wearing and then destroying them will bring, she feels a sharp ache in her pussy. But she resists temptation – at least for now…

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