Dec 01, 2018
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Emily J in VHSeX 1

It's been a week since the gifts arrived at Emily J's apartment. The neon-orange nail polish; the white-lace thong and stockings; and the vintage porno, recorded on an old VHS cassette. There was no card, no note, no indication of who sent them – who even knew she had a player to view the tape? Yet the stunning brunette has watched it obsessively ever since, blue eyes scanning the distorted, flickering picture – seeking that vital clue to the identity of her admirer. She isn't creeped out – this feels more like a tender kiss from somebody who knows her quirks and kinks. Somebody who loves and misses her. Again she hits rewind, sighing with impatience as the tape spools back, hands moving instinctively to her large breasts to help ease her frustration. Then she pulls her thong aside, ruffling her hairy mound and unshaved pussy lips before fingering the smooth, wet pink between them. Suddenly, her phone rings – but all she hears when she picks up is static. Yet she keeps listening, sawing the twisted cord hard against her slit, then cramming the receiver inside of her panties, using the faint buzz to tease herself to a glorious, distracting orgasm. For a brief moment she lies back, sucking on her juice-soaked fingers as she contemplates what just happened, wondering if she got a message through this time. Then the VHS player clicks to a halt, the tape rewound to the beginning. Once again, she hits play...

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