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Contact 1

Jul 23, 2018
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Emily J in Contact 1

Hot and restless, beautiful brunette Emily J tosses and turns on her bedsheets, trying to find a cool spot – but she already knows there's only one way she's getting any sleep tonight. Her hands cup her large breasts and, as her fingertips trace circles around her nipples, they're already hard. Slowly, almost unconsciously, she lets them trail down, skimming her belly until they ruffle her soft, curly bush. Then they probe deeper and splay her hairy lips to find the smooth pink slit between them. Her thighs tremble and she realizes she's on the brink of cumming. She tries to hold back – her desperation to cum is overridden by her need to prolong and maximize her pleasure. But she can't delay it forever and, within moments, her orgasm hits hard, shaking her from head to toe. When the intense pleasure subsides, she lies back, calm for the first time tonight, if not cool. As she drifts off to sleep, one hand resting on her silky brunette mound, she knows that when she wakes she'll be hot again and aching for so much more…

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