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Elza A in Stressed Relieved 1

Naked, gagged and bound with ropes, gorgeous blonde Elza A awaits the return of her mistress… then waits a little longer. Moans muffled by the ball strapped into her mouth, she grows impatient – and increasingly horny. She submitted to this willingly but her wild imagination runs away with her and she fantasizes that she has been taken against her will and driven to a remote cabin in a forest. She has been treated well – the fire is warm on a cold night. But as she writhes against her bonds, the ropes are rough against her wrists and ankles. Her limbs are beginning to ache and the throbbing in her shaved pussy won’t go away on its own. She squirms face-down on the bed, grinding her perfect breasts against the covers. This brings her some pleasure, but she needs to cum – and she won’t be denied. Suddenly rebellious and determined, she works the ropes against the fire irons beside her bed, sawing through them; then she unfastens the remaining knots. She stretches her long, slender limbs and flexes her bare feet, then grabs one of the irons. She strokes and sucks the smooth knob on the end, then resumes her mission to climax, laying the tool on the rug and sinking a couple manicured fingers deep inside of her wet, pink snatch. Relief ripples through her almost immediately and, as she lies caressing her tits, feeling invincible in the afterglow, she wonders if she should attempt an escape. But, she concludes, it’s cold outside and all too easy to get lost among the trees after dark. So she awaits her mistress – and the consequences of her disobedience...

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